Tan Yang Er, aka “YANGERMEISTER”

In a classic bind, Yang finds herself straddling the commercial and the art world - a struggle sometimes, but yet deep down, she knows she would have removed herself from this position if she did not love this dissonance.

so here i am - what is that third person language when this is my website? you’ve taken the time to be here here, and for that you deserve my realness.

i love pop culture, not just because it is fun and outrageous, but because it reflects modern times. the very time you and i live in. i  a p p r e c i a t e  it.

storytelling, the quickest way of teleportation other than hypnotherapy (always wanted to try), scent (big fan) and substances (illegal), is my go to mode for connecting with people. jesus did too, lol. once a bible school girl always a bible school girl.

Humanity is undeniable, no matter how much we would rather sink into despair. i am drawn to the brutal honesty and sincerity in arts. To know there is another living, breathing soul behind a work speaking directly to me. we are not alone. an artist keeps souls afloat.

Here at yangermeister.com, you can find my attempts, though separated into commercial and personal, the endeavour is still the same. Take your time, browse leisurely, but don’t touch the artworks and we’re closed on public holidays ;-)

What’s up with the Homepage?

I think a lot in terms of spaces. not just architecture or spatial design, but it is a language to me. I think about a digital identity as a home, a conversation as a coffeeshop (or boxing ring). I used to hang upside down on my old family couch as a kid, looking at the ceiling (now the floor) and conjuring new worlds.

So welcome to my office, and this is what i thought it would look like, ostentatious and useless for anything except good fengshui. two doors, business or pleasure; whatsapp or telegram, how may i help you? :) 

email: yang@yangermeisterstudios.com