New York City

︎  @yangermeister_

Spaces are a language to me, a method for me to speak and listen.
My work revolves around set design and installations. A container of atmosphere and sensations -- what goes into a space, what is being left out?

As a child, I used to hang upside down on the couch and conjure up new worlds with what I saw. The ceiling is now the floor, and the floor is now the ceiling. 

Beyond containing us, spaces hold old stories we call memories, new stories we call dreams. Spaces lay the foundation for a human experience — something that I hope to enrich through care and attention.

I center much of my work around painful things and emotions encountered. Loneliness, desires and contradictions.

In 2017, I received the Best Visual & Art Director at Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), presented by South Korean entertainment company CJ E&M. My latest installation was exhibited at Art Science Museum in Singapore. None of these worlds could have been realised without the wonderful teams that I have had the honour and joy of working with.

When I am not dreaming about spaces and worlds to build, I am dreaming about finding an immunity idol on Survivor.